This is a method of self-reflective communication in your relationship. The method is targeted on the development of Self-knowledge & Empathy; as a basis for effective communication in a safe, fulfilling relationship.

It is a simple method:

  • You quickly gain clarity in your perception of others, emotions, behaviour & underlying needs, as well as that of your partner
  • It is a method used independently at home (with your partner), during counselling, as well as after the therapy ended.
  • It is a method that not only solves your ingrained problems, but also gives you tools to prevent future problems that might crop up
  • It not only leads to an improved relationship with your partner, but also to more insight in other relationships and an other aspects of your life.

The SHARE & CHECK consists of different steps. In the stage of self-reflection, you would use visual models of the BOAM system. It works in simplifying complex problems and liberation from guilt and blame. It will support the ability to be open & vulnerable to each other.

I try to explain the Share&Check method to friends and acquaintances and use it in my work as well.

DvdT (Advisor)

The S&C method is truly very special. I wish that everyone could learn it.

NS (Consultant)

I Find it very nice that old traumas do not have to disappear or solved. But only the fact that my behavior can be explained to my partner, brings peace in me. This brings clarity of what is part of me and prevents misunderstandings.

EM (Lecturer)

The fact that I can now have a conversation with my wife without having a fight or the therapist present, is a miracle. We should have learned this years ago.

LV (Accountant)

My partner did not want to go in therapy at first and is now the one that makes sure we keep using the S&C method..

CP (Carer)