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Effective Relationship Therapy
maximum intensive training
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Do you have a relational problem that you cannot solve yourselves?

Like unmet needs in the relationship, parenting comes at the expense of the relationship, one of you has had an affair, there is agression/fear/depression or loneliness within the relationship, the relationship no longer feels equal, constant argument instead of good conversation and cooperation, or an event or issue has driven you apart?

Many couples have managed to get out of it together with this therapy.

From unconscious patterns…

The core of all relationship problems is fundamentally always the same. It is unfulfilled expectations of the other, persistent negative perceptions of each other and a vicious circle of negative dynamics in which we feel victimized by the other.

The first thing we run into, is that these pre-assumptions are mostly unconscious; in your partner but also in you.

Without these conversations, my partner and I would have split up. Now we are getting married.

EM (Lecturer)

… to Self-knowledge & Empathy

We will therefore work hard during the therapy period to become aware of these uncounscious aspects , so that you both will develop Self-knowledge. This is done in openness to the other, so that at the same time you develop more Empathy for each other.

Very often we come across surprising discoveries, which shed a completely different light on yourself or the other, and therefore also on the dynamics in the relationship. From there we better understand negative experiences from the past and we can start clearing them.

All in all, this will automatically change your relationship.

the SHARE & Check method

Quick results,

by practicing daily at home

During the therapy period you not only solve your current problems, but at the same time you are trained in self-reflective communication. We do this by means of the Share&Check method. In this way you can independently prevent and solve future problems.

The strict rules of the form guarantee you the same safety at home that you get from the therapist in a therapy. So you can be sure that in a conversation there will be no fighting and no new damage to the relationship, but that a conversation will lead to a positive change.

In between therapy sessions, you will practice together at home with Share&Check. This will speed up your process and you will need fewer sessions to achieve a good result.

I thought beforehand that we would have to spend a very long time in therapy, but we turned out to be ready after only 8 sessions. If I had known that earlier we would not have waited so long.

– CP (Careworker)

Share&Check method

The S&C Method is very special. I wish everyone could learn it.

– NS (Consultant)





Expats, Families, Elderly

There has never been anyone who could mirror me in this way.

Confronting, but it saved my marriage and my job.

-LV (accountant)

About Damiët Truijens

I am an enthusiastic senior, with extensive experience of more than 20 years. It is wonderful when my work has effect on someone’s life and happiness. Good relationships are after all a fundamental need for everyone.

The process from my unconscious patterns to Self-knowledge and Empathy, is the core of my own life and growth in autonomy, relationships and happiness. I am an expert from experience in trial and error in life. As a result, I have become good at creating the safe foundation needed for confrontational insights, at recognizing the most needed insights at an early stage, and at translating insights into concrete steps.

Scientific research

UvA minds (Academic Treatment Center for Parent and Child) is doing research on the effect of the BOAM system on family therapy in the specialist youth mental health care.

In between therapies, I write (and draw) the books about the BOAM system and the Share&Check method.

I think Damiët’s counseling is fantastic. She is not the first therapist I have dealt with and I have never had a bad experience. Damiët rises far above them all.

– NS (consultant)

How does it work?

  • One session every 2 weeks of 1 hour (average 2 sessions per month).

  • Between sessions, partners work together on the Share&Check method.

  • At the beginning of the therapy, I like to plan 1 or 2 double sessions, to make a good start of the process.

  • The duration of the therapy is dependent on your personal situation. There are courses of 3 months, but also of 2 years. An average relationship therapy course is 6 months.

  • II am flexible and adapt to your needs, possibilities and process.

Appointments are directly available, without a waiting list or references.


Relationship therapy can also be done online, in a safe digital environment – provided that you have a big screen and good internet connection. We mostly start with 2 live sessions to build a good work relationship.

Amsterdam Centre

UvA minds (Academic Treatment Centre)
Banstraat 29
1071 JW Amsterdam


€110,-per hour (inclusive 21% VAT)

(After 17:30- additional € 30,- per hour)
No advance payment, pay per month, through a digital invoice.

Relationship therapy in the Netherlands, is not reimbursed and VAT must be paid.

“For several years now, with great confidence, we have been using Damiët to guide our clients who are stuck in their treatment with her unique BOAM system and her systemic approach.

Damiët is a very involved, warm and clear therapist, who is able to guide clients to gain insight in their problems -even complex problems – to recognize patterns in their relationships and bring about change.”

– Dorreke Peijnenburg, Teamleader UvA minds, GZ-psychologist

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