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BOAM self-diagnostics

New explanatory diagnostics
for children and adults
with mental health problems

BOAM self-diagnostics allows you to diagnose mental health problems for yourself or your child. You do this independently or in a collaborative process with the therapist and the whole family. The book consists of 7 visual models that explain psychological problems in a simple way. The models show no stigmatizing abnormalities but psychological laws that apply to every human being and thus normalize and free them from guilt and shame.

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A BOAM diagnosis helps

The 7 imaginative models of BOAM self-diagnostics are understandable for all ages, and for all levels of intelligence and language proficiency.

In a collaborative diagnostic process, all family members gain a better understanding of themselves and each other as the models apply to everyone.

This provides a good foundation for the step that comes after diagnostics: working on problem solving.

The BOAM models can also be used to prevent psychological problems. By better understanding your child’s development, you can better fine-tune your parenting.

WATCH the playful models

READ the explanatory text

REFLECT on yourself / your child

ANSWER the questions

MAKE your own diagnosis

Scientific publication

We’ve written a scientific paper on the BOAM method.

About Damiët Truijens

Damiët is an inspired senior with over twenty years of experience working with children and families. She works in specialized youth mental health and has her own couples therapy practice.

She wants to give adults and children more autonomy in understanding, preventing and solving mental health problems. It took her 10 years to develop the Boam self-diagnostics, come up with the models and draw them. Her clients helped make everything clearer and clearer. Now she is writing the book about it.